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"We picked up a wonderful, happy and healthy Gordon Setter puppy, Woody, from Draco Kennels.

As first time puppy owners living 1,000 miles away from Hardinsburg, we were a little nervous having read a couple of the reviews, but we needn't have worried!

Having visited the kennels, we almost felt bad taking Woody away from such a natural and happy environment; Diana has created a perfect environment for growing dogs with play areas and a pool.

We left with all necessary papers/proof of vaccinations and Diana was kind enough to give us a towel which smelt of Woody’s family. (We will never wash it!) Thanks to regular handling by Diana and her family, we also left with a puppy who was happy having his ears, feet and mouth touched. This came in handy when we visited the vet the next day! (Incidentally, he was perfectly healthy, with no sign of worms, fleas, etc.)

Thank you Diana for giving us our perfect dog! Instagram: Woody_Gordon_Setter."

Matthew Austin

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"We bought a Boykin from Diane. Best decision we ever made. Bo is what you would call a dream dog. Extremely healthy, die hard hunter, excellent swimmer and soft mouthed retriever. I trained Bo myself and it was an absolute joy. He’s beautiful, has a wonderful coat and no allergies. On top of it all he is a cuddle bug. All around perfect hunting dog for our very active family. I can’t say enough great things about him."

Danielle Todd

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"My husband and I purchased 2 Gordon setter puppies from Diana. She has been the best breeder that I have dealt with. She TRULY cares about her animals and her property shows that. She always communicated with us and sent pictures. The puppies have wonderful personalities. She is a very hard worker. Can not say enough good about her and the dogs. The lineage of the dogs is amazing! I like that she gets the parents from other countries, so that the breed is fresh and not overbred."

Shannon Dassau

June Bug Gordon Setter

"Got a beautiful and healthy Gordon Setter full of life and showing great potential as a hunting dog. You can see her on her instagram @June_Bug_theGordonSetter. Diana is breeding beautiful healthy pups, and we highly recommend!"

Daryn Sturch

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"Can not recommend highly enough! Got a Gordon and a Boykin. Intelligent, happy, healthy pups. If you are looking for a pup, look no further!"

Josh Douglas

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"Purchased a beautiful Gordon setter pup from Diana in Kentucky! Very pleased with her service! I needed the pup brought up to Canada and she helped every way she could! I ran into lots of bumps along the way and took a while to find the pup a way up, Diana was very patient and very helpful, couldn’t have asked for a better breeder to purchase a pup off! 10/10 recommend her!!"

Jillian Pilgrim

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"It was a great experience buying my Boykin from Draco Kennels. Diane is great at working with you to make the experience fun, my dog is better than I could have ever expected. She sits and fetches retriever dummy after only 2 days!!! Excellent job!"

Aubrey Scott

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"We purchased a pup from Draco Kennels last spring. I'm an old school bird dog guy who trains by experience. Ava was just six months old when she experienced her first wild bird hunt. She figured out what birds where all about in short order. I had an opportunity to take her on a pheasant hunt at a local hunt club. The clubs guide (even though he thought she was too young to train on live birds, let alone hunt them) most graciously allowed me to hunt Ava on the last turn. She not only found the last six birds, but she also found a straggler chucker. That day, we were all impressed on her natural instinct and strong point holds. She already hunts like the other experienced, “old” dogs and this year is sure to be even better. There is nothing better than when someone in your hunting group yells, “Point!” If the rest of Draco Kennels pups have half the instinct Ava has, they will prove to by great hunting dogs and exceptional family pets."

Mark Davis

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"Bought a Boykin pup from Draco Kennels about a month ago. Diana was a pleasure to work with. Have had no problem out of the pup. She is 12 weeks old now and has been in the water, sits to a whistle and command, stays on command (briefly), comes when called and goes crazy over thawed doves. I plan to introduce her to live quail in the next couple of weeks. She has been very easy to house break, stays in the kennel overnight with no trouble and is a very easy dog to train so far. Pup gets along with our 1 year old son and other dog with no problems at all. This Boykin from Draco is my first bird dog but I recommend Draco highly."

Tink Haydon

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"We bought a puppy today and had a wonderful experience. I read other reviews talking poorly of the dogs situation and living areas - that is FAR from the truth. The first thing I said when I saw all the dogs was how spoiled they all are and they all looked so excellent and very healthy! All the dogs had plenty of playing room and even had mini kids play house and dog houses for shades and all had plenty of food and looked nothing but healthy. She was extremely nice to my husband and I, we even had our three young children with us and she was very nice and explained everything we asked about. We received all papers pedigree and vet records while there. We hope to in the next year to be able to come back again for another dog. I would ignore any bad reviews, we honestly had nothing but a wonderful experience and very pleased with the uptake and conditions of all the dogs."

Chelsea Montgomery

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"I have had my girl Fiona for just over a year now and she has been just amazing. Her temperament is great, she gets along with everyone and even though she is still very much a puppy she knows to slow down and be gentle around children. Her energy level is quite high but if you put in the effort to exercise her regularly and plenty she settles right down in the house and will curl up in your lap any chance she gets.
I initially was hesitant to purchase a dog online without having more then pictures but Diana put my worries to rest. Her puppies are well socialized and very well taken care of as they grow up. When I took the trip down to Kentucky from Michigan all the paper work was set and ready to go and I left with the cutest little ball of fluff who slept in my lap the whole drive home. As far as hunting goes, my Gordon goes out with me quite often and on all sorts of game. She comes out to the field for goose season and will sit quietly next to me while we wait, or take her into the grouse woods and she runs nose to the ground looking for upland birds. No doubt in my mind my next dog will come from Draco Kennels."

Jacob McAvinchey

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"I have a Setter I got from this kennel almost 4 years ago. I had her shipped to me at 8 weeks old and all I have to do was pick her up at the airport and take her home. She is EXACTLY 100% what I was looking for in my setter - her eventual markings, her size, her personality and disposition. I picked her out of the available pups after talking with the breeder about what I was looking for in my puppy and the breeder helped me select my perfect puppy out of the litter that best fit my desires. The pup was mine and in my home within 48 hours. I’d definitely get another setter from them and have it shipped to me the same way."

Caitlin Odom

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"I got a Gordon Setter from Diana 5 years ago. I hunt him primarily on high elevation blue grouse and he has yet to meet a dog with a better nose or feel for wild birds. When I first got him, I was worried I'd have to teach him how to work the birds... First wild blue grouse he ever saw he pinned between myself and him and it's been a pleasure to watch him mature into the finest bird dog I could have asked for. I've had him on pheasant, quail, grouse and chukar and he doesn't skip a beat - what a nose!!! He's an absolute pleasure to be around and provides us plenty of entertainment on a daily basis. I can't recommend Draco enough!"

Justin Smith

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