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We are located in the gently rolling hills of rural Kentucky, more than an hour away from any busy cities. The entire property is securely fenced, with open fields, many shade trees, thick wooded areas, and a large pond. This provides a safe place for our dogs to run, play, explore, and swim to their hearts' content.

Even the "play areas" for the puppies are planned out with their development in mind. These areas have ample space to explore, lots of toys, sliding boards, tunnels, obstacles to climb on, and even have small wading pools for water play.

We are very devoted to raising well-rounded, intelligent, lifelong companions.

Socialization is a key ingredient. Therefore, all dogs - young, old, large and small - must get along well together. This is why we spend so many hours a day interacting with each and every dog and puppy here.

They receive the very best of care, and are included in every part of our day. They are handled and loved by everyone, from boisterous school-aged children to the disabled elderly, and they are taught the proper behavior for each situation.

The bond that is built will enable us to develop healthy, easy-going, very biddable dogs that will bring joy to you and your family.

Our main goal is to be able to know the dog or puppy you take home will be a treasured member of your family for all the years of it's life. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best gundog, companion or service dog in the country.

Why Choose Draco Kennels?

Quality Breeding

We incorporate top bloodlines from around the world and breed to produce not just beautiful pups, but healthy, capable, and willing dogs. We also health test and research prospective pairings to eliminate breed-specific genetic diseases to protect the integrity of the breed. Our goal is to produce well-balanced dogs of sound mind, body, and soul.

Safe, Enjoyable Environment

The entire property is designed with their happiness and well-being in mind. All members of our furry family experience the joys of open fields, ponds, and wooded areas in our securely-fenced property so they can safely explore to their heart's content. We also have large shaded "play areas," complete with slides, tunnels, splash pools, and toys to promote development of natural abilities, as well as physical and social skills.

Born to Succeed

Puppies are raised indoors with all the familiar sights and sounds of a busy household. They are comfortable around kids, adults, and other animals. Developmental interactions are a priority. Our "puppy program" ensures our pups develop into confident dogs ready to take on any of life's adventures.

Experience You Can Trust

With 30 years of dedication and research, tons of referrals and repeat buyers, you can rest assured knowing we truly care about our dogs. Life here at Draco Kennels isn't a job, it is a lifestyle. We consider each one members of our furry family and love them as such.

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