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Pomeranian litter BORN December 4th, 2021

all reserved

Coming soon! 

Bloodhound litter DUE February 5th, 2022

now reserving! $1000

Gordon Setter litter DUE March 5th, 2022

now reserving! $1200

Boykin Spaniel litter DUE March 12th, 2022

now reserving! $1200

Golden Retriever litter DUE March 15th, 2022

now reserving! $1200

Non-refundable, half down deposit of $500 or $600 required to reserve 

Deposits are payable via PayPal to the email address listed, 

 [email protected]

call/text 270-617-2692 (cell)

or email [email protected]

Address is:

1453 Finley Dowell Rd.

Hardinsburg, Kentucky 40143

Domestic/ International shipping is available, if required.

Airline shipping, Flight nanny care, Ground transportation and "Door to Door" 

personal delivery options are available!